Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Feathers For The Festivals – Summer 2017

 A while back I wrote about feather costumes at burning man, and that they had banned them because the feathers were just to hard to clean up afterwards.

Now is  that still the case? I have no idea.

But hey burning man is not the only festival that you can rock some killer feather threads, so have a look at some of these great ideas for your next rainbow gathering, or whatever you are into.

Now for starters here is this great headpiece. It could of come strait out of the Lord Of The Rings movies.

It must be real gold because its being sold for almost 300 dollars.

Then I found this cape, I didn’t check how much its being sold for but here the link.

Cool right?

And here are just a few more feather festival pictures to inspire you.

Remember that you can get all the feathers you need to make your next festival a feather dream come true from

Oh right and how can I not add this crazy picture of the lady with a feather head piece and the boa constrictor.

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