Friday, April 14, 2017


Simple, clean, and filled with a love for feathers. 

This is my kind of style, and also what Karl Lagerfeld, from Chanel, was looking for in the spring summer line for 2017.

Karl got what she was looking for also. Very clean cut styles, with out all the glitter and additives that we are used to seeing with the Chanel lines. 

The added touch of feathers made the dresses the walked down the red carpet, simple and breath taking. 

Here are the stunning feather dresses from the show.

For those of you who are just interested in the fashion, enjoy. 

For those of you who are looking for fashion ideas, get ready to take notes. 

This one above is the perfect example of simple, stunning, and a touch of feathers.
Pink with a fine pattern.
This one above is a drop more elegant, with a long feather trim.
Full feather trim with simple gray and white color combo.
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