Monday, March 20, 2017 Feather Dresses

So I am sure that a lot of you know about, but actually I know nothing about the web site.

It seems that its trying to be something like E-bay. I just tried buying something from there using my cell phone and I could not figure it out.

What they do have are a lot of really nice feather dresses for sale and I thought that I would show a bunch of them to you.

These dresses all ranged in price from $150 - $320.

There are some really stunning and fancy ones that are made for weddings and proms.

And of course there are those that are simple but still stunning.

This last one was actually sold out. It’s a mermaid style dress. I thought that was awesome.

If you are not interested in spending this kind of money or you just like to design your own clothing.

Take a look at this post of ours on how to make your own feather dresses.

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