Monday, June 20, 2016

Feather Dresses From The Top Name Designers

A lot of times some of these beautiful feather dresses are made from some of the designers that are reserved only for the high society.

I wanted to find some dresses that are also available for the more middle classes.

Now I want to show you three dresses that are more regular but the fourth is most definitely only for the very wealthy.
This first dress is basic and beautiful and available from Banana Republic.

Next up is this dress from Calvin Klein, simple yet very classy.
And last up for our more basic line up of name brand designers is this feather dress from Tiffany and Co.
Now for our last feather dress I just had to put this in here even though it's price Tage of over eight grand, which places it in the only for the very high class category.  None the less this dress by Gucci is like nothing that I have seen before.

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