Monday, December 14, 2015

Mystic Magic's White Christmas - Feather Angel Wings

Mystic Magic – I believe this is a British company that from what I understand is for the most part a mask making company.
Now they have both a very interesting blog and web site. But I was not able to get a clear picture exactly who is the main designer there.
Now is it Ashley Pearce? No I don’t believe so, but then why would the articles being shown on the website be talking about her?
Really I haven’t yet figured out what the deal is with this company but THEY ARE AWESOME.
They have some incredible works of art out there and from what I read whoever it is that is running thing over there is completely self taught. Now that makes him or her even more amazing.
Please if you are reading this and could shed some light on the situation please leave a comment below.
This angle that they created for this year’s holiday season is truly something out of this world.  
I have written some posts on how to make feather angle wings but this is the true work of an artist.

Absolutely spectacular, thank you. 
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