Monday, December 28, 2015

Busting Out The Feather Fashion For That New Years Eve Party

If you find yourself to be one of those people that just can’t wear feathers on a regular day then New Years is your time to spread your wings and fly.

Wearing feathers are quite a bit of a fashion statement and might not go so well at the office (of course that depends where you work). But no matter what New Years Eve is a great time to wear feathers, no questions asked.

So now the big question is what feathers are you going to go for?

Now you could just go real simple and head out with a pair of these satin feather sandals by Jim Choo Teazer.

But if you are already going feathers why not at least go for these sequin dresses.

 But if you ask me there is no reason not to go full feather glamour with one of these extra beautiful feather decked dresses.

No matter what you choose just make sure to have a great new years.
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