Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vampire Costumes With Feathers

Vampires are always one of the big hits when it comes to Halloween costumes. But you probably wouldn’t think of feathers when you think of vampires and dressing up as one.

The truth is that feathers make an excellent addition to the vampire costume.

You wouldn't be wearing peacock feathers with your vampire fangs but black and red feather boas do go great with them.

Then again you could try out the peacock feathers with the fangs after all.
Take a look at this peacock feather vampire I found on Flickr.

this vampire feather collar that I found on is a stunning piece to give your living dead costume a bit of life.

Another great way to feather up your vampire costume is with feather eye lashes.
Take a look at these two sites that show you picture of exactly that.

Vampire feather eye lashes from elieesperbridal

Vampire feather eyelashes from Blind Mag

And then if you don’t want to be a vampire with feathers you can take this guys idea and be a vampire slayer with feathers.

Whatever it is you decide to do with your blood sucking feathered ideas post a picture or leave us a comment. 

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