Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Feather Shoes 2013

There is one thing on this planet that I just cannot resist. And that, my dear friends, is shoes.
What woman can? They might even rival chocolate as the one thing women want most. And
this week all I see are feathers - shoes with feathers! It is the merging of two heavens, the
essence of the perfect item, possibly the point of my existence!

Well, maybe not the point of my existence.

But I am simply obsessed with feathered shoes, and this season, they are in by the closetful.

One of the first pairs that caught my eye take is the Pina Colada Sandals by Aquazzura an
interesting twist on feathers – who would have thought fruit? They are perfectly tropical and
Another amazing pair, by Charllote Olympia, uses every color in the rainbow! These Dolly
Feather Rainbow Pumps just scream party.
Another wild work encompasses an ombre feather style that is simply fabulous. The range of
blue and yellow hues streamline effortlessly to give off a young and stylish impression that
just can't be countered. I also adore the finishing touch here, the aerial feather in the front –
it is so original and unexpected.

For a more subdued, simple look, these shoes by Roberto Cavalli are perfect for the office,
a lunch meeting, or networking event. Classy and sophisticated, the black feathers on these
pumps are almost an onyx color, giving off a slight jewel tone as well.

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