Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Balmain Feather Fashion

Balmain is a desiner clothing company from Paris. They produce some of the leading styles in fashion for both men and women.

Of course what we are interested in here is their feathered products.

I am sure that they must have some feathered apparel for men but I didn’t see any so what I have to bring to you are only their beautiful feathered items for women.

First this feathered shoulder outfit that I found on the "Blame On Mame" Blog.

Next this Free-wheeling hippie-inspired feather dress that I saw on

Third this stunning white feather cape found on "Cool Spotters".

And last these amazing feather dresses I discover thanks to "Aesthetics+Economics".

Pease post a link to any other Balmain feather products in our comments. 
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