Monday, December 31, 2012

Feather Fashion Photos 2012 - 1

This one gets the award for the most outrageous.

Bridging the gap between OMG-gorgeous and OMG-OMG are these stunning Giles headpieces—sure, not something an ordinary, stylish woman would wear in real life, but they're so exquisitely and delicately crafted... Do you prefer the porcupine one or the feather one? I'm really torn.

this one should be added to our “Feather Skirts For The Club” post.

This is the 2012 new art fashion oblique partial green feather sexy club dress, fabrics materials: acrylic + lace, color bold personality sexy slim, pattern, the effect is very good.

Buy it wholesale for only $23.00

May be the sexiest feather photo of 2012.

Candice Swanepoel in this supper sexy feather lingerie at the 2012 Victoria`s Secret fashion show.

I had to find at least one feather photo of a guy.

Etro fall 2012
Just say no to chest hair-like feather or fur sweaters. We prefer the real thing.

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