Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Feather Skirts For The Club

So what are you going to wear to the club tonight?

Whether it’s a big date or just a night out with the girls need to take some time deciding what to wear out.

Now if you are going out to a club then you need to think differently than if you are going out to a romantic dinner and the opera.

When you are going to the club you want to be able to dance, so more often then not the shorter skirts are going to be the better choice.

Also in my opinion when you go to a club you want to be noticed.

That is unless you are just going to dance you soul out and that’s all you care about.

But even if you are going with a partner you want them to notice you more than the other girls there.

Feather skirts are a great choice to get their attention on you.

Here are four skirts that I think would be perfect to hit the dance floor in.

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Dress With Feather Skirt


Custom Ostrich Feather Skirt

If you have any other feather skirts that you think would rock in the club let us know

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