Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hayley Paige Fall 2018: Where Did The Feather Inspiration Come From?

This is really just my own personal guess because well she could have gotten the idea for this dress from some other source, but let me see if I can get you to agree with me.

Lets just take a look at the first of two very similar dresses.

This is a photo of Cher in 1974.

Now I cant imagine that you don’t see the striking resemblance in these two dresses.

A while back I had written a post that had compared the picture of Cher with this one of Kim Kardashian.

And back then I wasn’t the only one to make the comparison. There was a separate write up in Yahoo about those two, here is the link.

But this time it seems that I am the first, if not the only, one to make the comparison.

What do you think? Is this Hayley Paige dress inspired by Cher?

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