Sunday, August 13, 2017

Brown’s Feather Trim T-shirt

I know that I already wrote one about feather t-shirts, but this one is special.

Not only is the t-shirt itself stunning, but the company Browns, just seems so super cool.

So lets start off with this super cool shirt, and then we can talk about the great company that is selling it.

They say it will make you feel like  a lemon, and if that’s not good then drink a tequila. Yeah that’s not really what said but its what I heard.

Never mind what they wrote, first take a look at the shirt.

But you should read what they wrote, because its cute and funny.

Also as I said they seem to be a super cool company just take a look at the about page.

I love it that they are really into looking for new talent.

Go Browns!

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