Saturday, January 21, 2017

Feathers at the Milan Fashion Week

Feathers at the Milan Fashion Week

The Milan fashion week very much sets the pace for the fashion world.

Not to say that it’s the only event or even the most monumental but it is with out a question one of the big ones.

So here are some of the feather high lights from the 2017 Milan fashion week.

And if you stick with me until the end I have one photo that I really liked so decided to share with you all.

We all ready spoke about the PARADA ready to wear line that was presented at the Milan fashion week.

This was the most feather filled show that was seen there.

But even with the last two posts that we wrote here, I still missed these great feather shoes so take a look.

Next up we have these feather outfits from Donup.


Oh an this hat, I dont know who created this one but I think its great.

Will we see a big come back in the world of feather earrings this year? Maybe if they got attention at the Milan fashion week like they did.

This one from Fausto Puglisi is not the real feather style that we love here but even though its just feather print I felt like sharing it with you.

And like I said this is the last photo from the Milan fashion week, and even though it is nothing feather related I really like this style that Gucci put out.

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