Friday, January 13, 2017

Feather Fashion Spring 2017

Feather Fashion Spring 2017

So I know it is only January and cold outside.

But today is sunny (at least where I am) and that made me think about the spring.

The feeling of renewal that comes along with knowing that it is about to be summer. It’s a bit of left over nostalgia from the days when summer actually meant vacation and not just for the kids.

But anyhow I guess I am not alone thinking about the spring because there are already a whole line up of spring feather fashion just waiting to be out in the sun.

  So first off we have just a glimpse for you of the PRADA ready to wear line from the Milan Fashion week.

After seeing this I realized that I really need to do an entire separate post on PARADA, but that’s not for today.

Anyway for now just feast your eyes on these stunning designs.

Second up are these beautiful wedding dresses just waiting for that big day.

But for now stay cozy and next to the fire, spring is not here yet.

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