Sunday, December 10, 2017

Feather Gift Ideas For Christmas

   Do you have all of your gifts in order?

You do! That’s awesome, good for you. Oh and if you don’t then this may be just the post for you.

Here are a bunch of feather gift ideas that can help you to fill the gaps in your shopping list.

I got them all from here:

The price tags on these things are a bit high, at least fo me, they are way out of my budget.

But the DIY option is something a lot more attainable for most of us. Most of these can be done without to much difficulty. Of course if you use some feather trim you can easily spruce up almost any garment.

This handbag above is a particularly easy one to put together, and I am sure you can do it for a lot less than the over a thousand dollars that they are asking over there.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you order your feathers soon so that we can get them to you before the holiday.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Feather Fashion Ideas

Christmas is coming and what are you going to wear?

Well of course that depends on where you are going to be. Now this post is really only relevant if you are going to be getting dressed up to go out.

If you are just going to be home hanging out in your pajamas, your not going to be looking to wear any of these dresses.

But hey maybe they could be just perfect for the company Christmas party.

They are a sure way to get more attention from the boss, if that’s what you are looking for.

I got all of these off one Web page, and here is the link.

But over the years I have written extensively about DIY feather fashion and it’s high time I made a one post compilation of it all just so everyone (including myself) can have a one stop quick reference.

So here is the link to that:

So if you are interested in saving, probably hundreds of dollars and creating your own awesome feather fashion, make sure to order your feathers soon so that we can get you what you need in time for the holidays.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Updated Christmas Feather Wreath

So I have written posts in the past about how to make a feather wreath.

Let me see if I can find you a link to that post, wait just a second…….

OK here it is:

But the truth is when I wrote this up a few years ago LED lights were not a big thing yet.

Today you can get great LED lights for just a few bucks.

And the way I see it, some nice battery powered LED lights are the perfect update for a Christmas feather wreath.

And of course I found you a picture off the Internet to give you an idea how this can be done, well I will give you a few ideas actually.

I didn’t look around to much but I bet you can find some that have a small solar panel and a sensor so that it charges during the day and only turns on at night.

Anyway have fun with the idea and we would love to see some pictures of the wreaths you make.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DIY Feather Fashion Post Compilation

I have written so many posts about DIY feather fashion, and the time has come to create a one stop reference post, where you can find all of the links.

This way no one needs to go through all of the post on the blog to find what they are looking for.

Because that's what I am gonna do right now, for the last time.

So here goes.

Simple Easy And original Feather Head Piece

Feather Boas For The Christmas Tree

Adding some white feather boas to your Christmas tree can really give it that wintery look while you are nice and cozy next to the fire place.

Here are a bunch of pictures that can give you some good idea how it can be done.

You can go for the hard core Alaska tree look like the one above.  Do you get the idea, like real cold and completely covered in snow.

Or just the regular winter with snow look like this one.

And of course you can take the no tree just boa approach, like these guys. The big plus of this idea is that you don’t have to get a new tree every year.

If you think that’s just wrong, and the whole point of the tree is to have an actual tree in your home, well I would have to say that I agree with you.  But I am sure that there are people out there who don’t think that it’s so important.

Even more so, I bet there are people out there that are adamantly against cutting down live trees for Christmas and would like the idea of a reusable tree.

Whatever person you are, order your white feather boas today so we can get them to you in time for the holiday.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Don’t Buy Fake Peacock Feathers - When you can get them at good price

The feathers you see in craft stores definitely ARE real, and the birds DO molt them, which is painless and happens all the time. 
Here at we strive to bring you quality, real peacock feathers. 
Arrangements and designed items incorporate REAL peacock feathers rather than fake peacock feathers that some providers try to pass off as peacock feathers.
Peacocks Feathers Are only Gathered When They Molt

They lose their feathers naturally throughout the year.  Mostly completed in summer, the bird may lose as much as half of it’s total feathers to keep cool.

Consider Local Suppliers

While the peacock is native to southeast Asia, it’s worth considering purchasing feathers from US-based suppliers.  Not only is shipping quicker (and usually included!) but it provides a better level of accountability on the part of the business.  Property rights, business accountability, and faster delivery make purchasing from the US a better bargain when obtaining bulk peacock feathers.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Turkey Feather Fashion From The 1940s

I would think that there would be a lot more turkey feather dresses out there than there are.

But it seems that is something that was once big in the fashion world but is not anymore.

Check out these pictures of vintage turkey feather fashion from the 1940s.

I wonder why you don't see things like this anymore. Obviously I don't mean like this exactly, but like this just with a much more modern twist.

It's especially interesting because vintage is so in style these days.

Also I would figure that turkey feathers would just be great because there should be an abundance of them.

Especially around Thanksgiving time.

Hey, who knows, maybe it's just a matter of time before we start to see these back on the catwalks.

Am always talking about the way that fashions and trends always go in a spiral.

Treat Or Trick For Thanksgiving! ?

This post was supposed to go out two weeks ago but totally got lost in the system. 

As you can tell we have done some renovations here.

But because it was anyways a Thanksgiving post to begin with, I figured why not. 

Do you like scary movies? 

So Halloween is so close that I can't imagine you don't have everything ready by now.

But, just in case you don't here's a link to a post from a previous year with links to all of our Halloween posts. If you still don't know what to dress up as perhaps you can get an idea from there.

The truth is I was just going to skip Halloween this year and go straight to thanksgiving, but something caught my eye and gave me a flash of inspiration.

I was looking for some good turkey feather pictures when I saw this.

Her being dressed up as a pilgrim reminded me of an old scary movie that might be just prefect for Halloween night. I bet a bunch of you will remember this one.

The Bride Of Boogedy what's awesome is you can just watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Here is the link

What made me think about it was because he was a pilgrim.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Florence Kosky In Feathers

Florence Kosky seems to have had the ideal childhood.

Growing up in Dorset England might just be the dream come true for most kids.

I can't complain, I grew up in Miami.

But just look at this picture, Miami doesn't have anything that looks like that.

Also Dorset is filled with farm land and forests. It's got these stunning old castles, and is all rural, no big noisy cities.

Right, now let us get back to Florence and this magical feather dress she is wearing.

This is from a photo shoot she did last year for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

What is great about this shoot is that it’s totally in vibe with Florence.

She grew up around farms and wood lands, and that's the theme.

The thing I loved about her story was how she got into modeling.

Some guy followed her around at a festival until she agreed to come to the modeling studio.

I bet she just thought he wanted a date.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

J.W Anderson 2017 Winter Feather Fashion

To tell the truth I am a bit confused if these styles are from this winter or last winter, but hey what difference does it really make?

It's all mostly fashion eye candy and inspiration fodder anyway.

“inspiration fodder”

I just came up with that and I really like it.

This first article that I read about this line up was from last year, but I found all the designs mentioned on the Vogue website for this year. So you can come to your own conclusion.

Here are the two links so that you can have a look for yourself.

From what I understand he pumped this line out right after a full line of men's wear.

The thing that I like best about it is that it seems very glamorous but yet practical. Like stuff that normal people might wear out.

Of course they would be very rich normal people, but you know what I mean.

These three outfits are not crazy full of feathers but they have a lot more than just a feather fringe also.

The leather jacket it a very nice wintery touch, and it comes in two colors.

But I have one question that is really killing me and it has to do with this leather jacket.

Just because you are wearing a leather jacket, does not mean you are dressed for the winter.

So what is up with the above outfit?

Sunday, October 8, 2017
Miu Miu – Fall Feather Fashion – Feather Skirt

So this is a really beautiful piece.

In my humble opinion the price tag is a bit high, just a bit over two thousand dollars. Here are two pictures of the skirt.

But the thing that really interests me about this skirt is the company that makes it.

Miu Miu was created by Miuccia Parada.

And is a fully owned subsidiary of the Parada group.

Now I know that I even mentioned in my last part that I have written about the Parada group before.

But after I see them all over the place it causes me to start thinking. 

Maybe that are part of one of those secret old society's like the free mason’s or something.

Don't we all just love a little conspiracy theory.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall Feather fashion - 2017

Get ready to see lots of feathers in this year's fall/winter fashion lines.

Just from the first two things that I saw it seems that the feather trend is going to be bigger than usual this year.

I am just going to start off with what was written in vogue and after that I am going to show you a super easy DIY project that can make a great Christmas gift.

Yeah that's right, you need to start thinking about those already.

So this article by vogue is a great, super short history, of our modern day feather fashion.

And then at the end they give you a nice little intro to this year's feather fashion trends.

I just picked this picture to share with you because I thought it was really interesting.

It's a style by Prada which I have written about in the past.

The second thing that I read was this post on

They have a great collection of awesome feather fashion for this year's fall and winter.

But the one that I wanted to talk about is this feather trim hoodie from Opening Ceremony.

But the problem is it not available anymore.

The good news. .. It's super easy to make your self.

All you need to do is get some of our feather trim and sow it into the inside bottom part of your favorite hoodie, and bam there you go.

And like I said, it can make a great Christmas gift.

Bye for now.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Matthew Williams – Ostrich Feather Trimmed Dress

Coming across this dress was a short and pleasant adventure for me.

I first found it mentioned on the website quoting another site, where it was being sold for $2,513.

If that seems like an crazy amount to you it is simply because you are not buying fashion designer clothing. I only mention this because I think it’s a crazy amount to spend on a dress, but because I write about the fashion industry all the time I know what this kind of apparel are going for.

The thing that we need to understand is these are not just clothing, but works of art.

This dress truly is a work of art. From the patterns of the lace upper through the long ostrich feather trim, everything is put together perfectly.

True talent can be seen in the way the green lace pattern gradually gives way to the feather trim., where the dress was last being sold is in German. Thanks to Google these language barriers have been torn down while surfing the internet. But the description of the dress said NUDE colored, and thought that this might be a case of bad translation, but its not.

After being educated on nude colors, I had to find a bit more about the designer Matthew Williamson.

Matthew is British and born in 1971. If you really want to hear all about his carrier here is a link to the right page in Wikipedia.

For me these are the highlights.

Matthew is known for his bright colors. In 1997 he displayed the “Electric Angels” at the London Fashion week. I find these designs to be breath taking.

In recent years Matthew Williams has produced his own line of home decor. His taste in interior design is right up my ally, absolutely incredible.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

DIY – Stage Worthy Feather Fans

Now I know that have written in the past about how to make your own feather fans, but these girls totally took this to another level.

Billy Wilburn and Corey Shelsta
South Dakota State University Theatre

These two wrote out in detail how they made these fans so if you are interested in such a project you can take a look at their link below.

What they say in the beginning is very true, these fans are a bit expensive, but if you are not into the project you can buy the fan HERE.

But if you are going to go for it with this kind of project then we have just the feathers that you are going to be needing.

If you try this out, take some pictures and share them with us.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY Feather Trim Necklace

 A lot of times I will just go through Pinterest when I am looking for inspiration or new ideas. Ok, yes also when I am bored of working and want an excuse to just check out pictures on the internet.

But just recently I cam across a bunch of pins that were really great.

This detailed instruction post on how to make a stunning feather trim necklace really takes the stage.

Here is the link to the pin:

Danielle is a real DIY, home made blogger that’s been at it full force since 2011.

If you ask me though this project of hers is something that should be coming out of a designer school.

She did such a great job with this project I am amazed. Look at these detailed pictures explaining exactly how to do this.

Here is the link to the full site where you can find all of the instructions.

She did a great job using materials that she had around, but if you need to get some feathers for such a project, you know where to find us.