Monday, June 26, 2017

Pheasant Feather Dresses – Summer 2017

Of cause I have already written about pheasant feather dresses, but because they are just amazing I am going to write about them again.

Also I am pretty sure that it has been a few years since I wrote about them, and I definitely didn’t have these great pictures.

I split these into three separate categories in my mind. One for each dress.

The wild

The theater

The runway

In the wild, like in this dress things grow large, and have beautiful colors.

Pheasant feathers seem to go great in all scenarios, but the wild natural setting is was seems to fit them best.

Now the wild needs to be tamed for us people. True that not allways is this the case, many times the wild goes very well on the runway.

But as far as this dress here goes, the wild has been given very straight edges and an office executive type feel. Yes but still its very wild.

And then we have the theater stage, which seems to be the combination of the two.

This pheasant feather dress has a very elegant vibe to it. It gives off a feel of the middle ages.

It could also be the gown worn by the queen of some mystical people.

Peace and love to all.

Summer Series – Feather Vests

To hot for a feather Jacket or coat?

Try a feather vest to add some glamor to your casual summer wardrobe.

Take a look how good this feather vest looks with a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Or in this picture, see how a feather vest added to a pair of tights and a t-shirt can just make the outfit.

But not all feather vest are as simple as the two above mentioned.

Take a look at this one.

Extra feather flare for your summer clothing selection.

Now these are all just the tip of the iceberg when talking about what you can do with feather vests.

Add some feather fringe to the bottom.

A cool feather design on the back.

As always, the possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Series-Feather Summer Skirts

Of course I have written post about feather skirts in the past, but to the best of my recollection I have never posted these pictures before.

Now to be totally honest with you all, I don’t remember where I found these pictures, and the source is really not relevant for the purpose of this blog post.

I just want to share with you some great looking summer feather dresses, and maybe give you some good ideas for you summer wardrobe.

Just take this first picture for example.
This colorful feather mini skirt can be made very easily by attaching two or three layers of Coque fringe to any plain mini skirt.
Look how great that looks with a casual t-shirt and denim vest.

Ok, those shoes do give the whole outfit a bit of a non casual look, but it is still something you could wear to the mall.

This next piece is not a skirt but a one piece feather dress.

I added this elegant white, feather fringed dress any how just because it is totally for the summer.

Straight and colorful with a professional feel, this feather skirt is great for a summer day at the office.

At least that’s what I think when I see it with the blazer she is wearing.

Here is something to wear for a summer night out on the town.

This black ruffled feather skirt and leather jacked are perfect for clubbing.

Now you all Know that I usually stick with actual feathers, but some times I come across a feather print that I just must share with you.

This feather print wrap around is just such a case. Its perfect for that summer day that you want to go out to eat on your way home from the beach or pool.  

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Series - Feather Shorts

In my opinion nothing says summer louder than a pair of denim shorts that show off your thighs.

Add a bit of feather trim and in a flash, those denim shorts are a whole lot more than just what you wear to go to the beach.

I know that I am starting off just talking about denim shorts, and don’t worry there is more than just denim here.

But just check out that perfect…feather trim.

And after these I promise no more jean shorts, but just to give you another idea how this can be done.

Here are a pair of none denim, feather trim shorts that are a bit different.

Any way, you get the point.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Series-Feather T-shirts

So there are tons of t-shirts out there with feather print on them, but very few with actual real feathers.

True that even these are just feather, but think about it, if it was anything more then it wouldn’t be a t-shirt now would it.

The thing that is great about these shirts is the fact that they once again prove the point, that just a touch of feathers can make the most basic of clothing special and elegant.

In addition to proving the above mentioned point, just take ideas from these shirts and think about how far you can go.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Feather Trim Beach Towels

So once I was surfing the internet for feather swimsuit cover-ups, I was already at the beach with feathers in my brain, so naturally I expanded my feather horizon to the beach towel.

Now I am still getting over the shock of not finding feather pool dresses, or swimsuit cover-ups, but I guess when you are talking about beach towels it makes a bit more sense that you wouldn’t want to have feather trim on a beach towel.

I could imagine that it would be really hard to clean the sand out of those feathers after a day in the sun.

But still look at this picture below, there should be some where that you can get the same thing with a white feather trim.

And now they have these super cool round beach towels, but still no feather trim, why?

Please if any of you take these ideas and make lots of money with them, at least take me out for a drink one day.

Have a great summer everyone.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Feather Pool Dresses, Swimsuit Cover-ups

If there is anything hotter then a G-string bikini, it’s a mostly see through pool dress to go over that G-string.

Now at first glance people would say what is the point of these things. But they really are supper sexy and glamorous. I don’t think that they have any practical use though, maybe they keep you a drop warmer, and perhaps some stores that wouldn’t let you in with just a bathing suite would let you slide with a pool dress on.

Any way, practical or not is not the question, we are talking about fashion here, and what about some hot feather pool dresses?

So after searching through the internet trying to find awesome feather pool dresses, I think that this is a very new idea. I really couldn’t find more then just this one feather pool dress.

And I couldn’t even find who makes it, just found the picture on Pinterest.

And then I started to search for swimsuit cover-ups with feathers, and still not much out there.

I found this one that has feathers at the ends of the string tie, but what about Lace cover-ups with feather trim.

Or a cover up just made out of feather boas attached by lace.

I just cant understand why there is not more of this stuff out there.

I think this could be just as big as the feather bell bottom idea that I just gave you all a few months ago.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Simple, clean, and filled with a love for feathers. 

This is my kind of style, and also what Karl Lagerfeld, from Chanel, was looking for in the spring summer line for 2017.

Karl got what she was looking for also. Very clean cut styles, with out all the glitter and additives that we are used to seeing with the Chanel lines. 

The added touch of feathers made the dresses the walked down the red carpet, simple and breath taking. 

Here are the stunning feather dresses from the show.

For those of you who are just interested in the fashion, enjoy. 

For those of you who are looking for fashion ideas, get ready to take notes. 

This one above is the perfect example of simple, stunning, and a touch of feathers.
Pink with a fine pattern.
This one above is a drop more elegant, with a long feather trim.
Full feather trim with simple gray and white color combo.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nadine Strittmatter Wearing Feathers

Now I see a lot of models, on the internet that is, not to many in real life.

And some times there is one that seems to catch my eye more then the rest.

Nadine Strittmatter is with out a question, one model who caught my eye.

I cant say for sure what it is about her that makes her stand out.

But what ever it is she has some thing very unique about her beauty that sets her apart from the rest.

Here she is posing in a white Chanel feather dress.

And in this shot Nadine is wrapped in a Armani Prive feather boa.

This last one was also in my last post, here she is wearing a Valli skirt with a feather trim.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Giambattista Valli Summer Feather Fashion 2017

Now I am pretty sure that I have already written about this super cool Italian designer.

But you all must take a look at some of his great outfits for this summer.

This first one just below is a feather skirt being modeled by the stunning Nadine Strittmatter. Some times I wonder what is catching my eye more, the clothing or the model.

The next three are also the same color pattern as this one above, but they all have their own twist.

It seems he is going strong on the simple white and gray combo for this summer.

This one below is the most basic of all four. A simple white dress with a gray feather trim.

This next one below, is much more elegant and sexy. I like the fish net style upper very much.

This last one below has top to bottom feather trim, beautiful.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Georgiou Armani Prive – Nicole Kidman – Feather Fashion 2017

I have always liked a lot of orange in my clothing, I feel there is some thing positive about the color.

It would seem that this year Georgiou Armani felt that way about their spring summer fashion line. Nothing wrong with some good positive vibes in the fashion world.

Also orange is most definitely a great color for the summer time, if not for all the time.

Take a look at these great vibe feather designs from Armani that you can wear out at night, after you spent the day on the beach of course.

And what dos this have to do with Nicole Kidman you ask?

Well I am not 100% sure my self but she was there wearing one of their dresses also.

But here is a nice little article about what could have been better about her outfit.

All black, no summery orange in the one.

Feather Bell Bottoms – The Next Big Fashion Craze

Don’t forget that you heard it here first.

The world went from bell bottoms, to baggy pants, and then to skinny jeans.

Soon, and I mean really soon we will see bell bottoms come back into fashion. The only question is what is going to be different about the bell bottoms this time.

The only feather trim bell bottoms that I was able to find in line was the picture you see below.

But how much cooler could they be?

Just imagine one of these two pairs of bell bottoms, just with real feather trim on the bottoms.

Do you see what am saying? No one is doing this yet and you can be the first.

Ok so now when you make your millions off this idea, just don’t forget where you heard it from first.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Alexander Mcqueen Feather Dresses 2017

Alexander Mcqeen was a British fashion designer who lived from 1969-2010.

Before he decided to take his own life by hanging himself he won the British designer of the year award four times, very unfortunate right?

Some times you look at some one and think that they got it all, but then they hang themselves. It seems he was taking a lot of drugs and was very unhappy, but still.

Anyway his company lives on, and this year his creative director showed off these stunning feather dresses.

I just need to point out how similar they are to the kind that Char wore back in the day.

I have written before my spiral theory, that everything goes in a circle, including fashion trends. The same things come back but always on a new level.

Wow I need to see if they have feather bellbottoms.

Here is the post we wrote about Cher.