Monday, December 5, 2016

Feather Christmas Decorations - 2016

We almost always put out a Christmas decoration post and I really thought that i wasn't going to find anything new for this year.

Take a look at our list from last year.

But I found a great post of 11 D.Y.S feather Christmas decorations that I am very happy to share with you.

First off take a look at this great peacock feather wreath.

It is really nice and seems to be easy to make.

Here is a second wreath that is a bit difference than anything we have brought you in the past.

It is very simple and also elegant. 

And this is the last one that I am going to show you here. 

I guess you can use any colors but I really liked these.

Take a look for yourself and order your feathers today so that we can ship them to you in time for the holiday.  

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