Monday, November 7, 2016

Alessandro Michele

So Alessandro Michele is the head designer for Gucci these days.
It seams that he is creating a full spiral of fashion history all bound up into one.

What I mean by that is as follows. There are fashions that go in and out of style, like some sort of cosmic fashion circle.

But the fashions for the most part don't look the same when they they around from time to time.
Kind of like bell bottoms were in during the sixties and seventies. Then they came back in the nineties but were most popular as wide leg pants (I personally wore bell bottoms in the nineties and would love to wear them again)
And that's the idea of the spiral, things come around but at a different level, up or down is irrelevant.

Alessandro is combining all different styles from all eras and creating a wonderful synergy that will certainly give a place in fashion history.
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