Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feather Gloves Fall Winter 2016 - 2017

It's not even starting to get cold outside, it is already cold outside. I may not have started wearing gloves yet but I did take out my North face and wear it at night.

So I may have already written a feather gloves post but I definitely never saw these pictures before so get your gloves our is almost winter.

Now these Givenchy feather trimmed gloves are what came to my mind when I thought about feather gloves. Not them exactly but the style. It's not hard at all to attach some feather trim to your gloves and there you go.
Now these gloves by Adam Lambert (seen above) are really something else, super cool and totally classy. I think that I like them so much because I would have never of thought to have the feathers going in the direction of the fingers.
Ann Demeulemeester was totally being influenced by batman when designing these beautiful feather gloves.
Just to get an idea what you can make for Halloween take a look at these gloves above.
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