Sunday, May 22, 2016

VOGUE Summer 2016 – A New Way To Wear Feathers


This new way to wear feathers for the summer of 2016 is described on the Vogue website as follows.

“A multitude of white, red and black feathers woven together in haute couture ateliers in Paris, were layered over simple Nineties-style dresses at Proenza Schouler.”

Now to me this is just a fancy way of saying that they created a beautiful feather netting that can be worn on top of a plain dress and turn it into something stunning.

What really interests me is if this this idea can be taken on by some of our younger designers as well.

Let me explain what I am thinking. The question is if a hobbyist designer can create a feather garment which is meant to go over something else and not cover but decorate.

Take a look at these pictures and you can decide for yourself.

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