Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feathers & Harry Potter

Harry Potter the biggest series of books and movies in our generation is filled with great amounts of feathers.  But the only real feather outfit that I can remember from the movies or maybe the only one that got any attention was Fleur Delacour`s wedding dress.
Of course they are all writing with feather quills while at Hogwarts and there all the awesome owls. Lets not forget about the feathered magical creatures like the Phoenix and the Hippogriff. 


Lets us say a few words here about owl feathers. Owls are considered to be a wild bird and there for the sale of their feathers are restricted. So even if you would like to purchase some of Hedwig’s beautiful white feather you can’t.
Now Buckbeak the Hippogriff is really a robot made with thousands of airbrushed goose and chicken feathers.

And to finish off how can I not bring up the number one actress of the Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson, who loves the feather fashion.

Here she is in two feather outfits looking absolutely magical.

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