Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kate MccGwire Feather Art

Kate grew up in rural England where she was inspired by the beauty she saw in the nature around her and started to create art at a very young age.

After being even further inspired by the arts that she came in contact to in London and then Paris she began to develop her current style of art and sculptor.

Kate’s works have this incredible felling of fluidness and of something other worldly. But to her they are echo of human life.

She loves the duality in her art and explains its similarity to our world.

I fell that at first it was hard for me to grasp what she was saying but after a bit of thought it became somewhat clear.

So much of our life on the surface is very dry and well measured, but underneath that is the unexplained world of our emotions which in fact are the true driving forces in our life.

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