Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Hey everyone it is the week before Thanksgiving and I just wanted to share with you some amazing tablescape ideas for the holiday.
Of course if we are talking about them here they are going to be feather tablescape ideas but take a look at some of these sites and see what might work for your table.
First off this extremely simple place setting idea, it`s so simple that you can do so much with.
Just add some feathers an olive sprig and some cloves to the top plate.
 Here is a picture of how it can look.

Here is another simple way to add feathers to your tablescape, just place them next to the silverware.

This post that I found gives you the links to all the items to put together  this place setting.

Everything that is but the feathers.

The feathers used are pheasant feathers order them here.

Last is this beautiful tablescape that also puts the feathers on the backs of the chairs in addition to each of the place settings.

If you would like to add some feathers to your Thanksgiving table this holiday order them today. 
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