Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peacock Feather Wall Art

Happen to have a big bunch of large peacock feathers and I was thinking of using them to make some wall art.

Before I get to work pasting feathers to the walls of my house I decided to first ask google what they think.

Here are some of the images that came up from a Google search for “peacock feather wall art.

This is a picture of wall that is nothing like what I want to do but still really nice

This one is closer to what I want to make because it is made with real peacock feathers.

Here is the link so you can take a look at it on YOSSAWAT.

You can also read about how to make your own feather wreath.

Here is one that is a lot closer to what I have in mind, but not exactly.

You can see it in a post on
Well whatever I do decide to do for my wall art you can be sure to see a post about it when its done.
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