Sunday, July 29, 2012

How To Make Feather Ankle Cuffs

The purpose of this post is to give simple instructions on how to create your own feather ankle cuffs.
These feather ankle cuffs can be made very easily and if you put some effort into them they can be very nice looking.
Ok so lets get to work.
What you are going to need
1.       Feathers
2.       Two inch wide strips of leather
3.       Hot glue gun
4.       Needle and thread
5.       Velcro patches
The first thing you need to do is measure the space around your ankle and add four inches. Then cut the leather strips to the length that you want.  
The best size allows the cuffs to stay right above your ankle bone but not to be too tight on your skin.
 The extra four inches is for the Velcro.
Next bend the leather strip in half along the length so that you will have a one inch strip of leather.
Press the leather together so that you create a visible crease.
Cut the feathers so that they are the length that you want them to be.
If you are planning on wearing you feather cuffs with high heels then you can leave them longer then if you are going to wear the bare foot.
Now glue the feathers in place by the steam just up the middle crease. 
You want the feathers to be slightly over lapping.
Bend the leather over while the glue is still hot.
Now sow the seam closed.
Cut the Velcro into two inch by one inch squares and sow them onto the ends of the leather strips.
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