Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mary Kate Olsen`s Feather Dress – who Designed It?

The first thing that I think of when I hear anything that has to do with the Olsen twins is of course “Full House”. I am sure that I am not alone on this ether. 

Well here is this picture of Mary Kate wearing this awesome and sexy black feather dress.

As I have mentioned before in some of my other posts I really like the Goth look so this dress rates extra high by me.

Any ways it seems that she is also into the Goth look.

But my question here is, is it a dress that she designed?
I would have to assume not because it was her prom dress but I couldn’t find out who did make it.
It could be that whoever made it was quit about it because it was called one of the worst prom dresses.
I am sure that it is far better looking than most prom dresses but still who designed and made it?
Let me know if you have any input. 
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