Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feather Shoes

After I found such great feather vests I went for feather boots. But the truth is that what I found was for the most part not boots but shoes. So hence the name of this post is feather shoes and not feather boots. It works well because boots are shoes right.
So thanks to I found these four feather shoes all on the same site.

This first shoe is something like the cover shoe for their blog post. It is really cute but they don’t say where you could buy them.
Next we have here this anouk boot by Delman that is beautifully decorated with feathers.

Available at but was out of stock when this post was written.
Did you know that Gwen Stefani created a company called L.A.M.B? Well I didn’t but L.A.M.B is an acronym for "Love Angel Music Baby" and they have created a pair of feather shoes. 

They created this high heal feather slipper. This feather shoe is also available at and was also out of stock when this post was written.
Last up we have this second pair of high heal feather sandals. 

These Urania feather and leather pump sandals by Givenchy are available at
At the time that this post was written they were being sold at a 40% off discounted price, $690 instead of $1,150.
Well that’s all for now maybe I will write another post on feather shoes because there is so much out there.
Do you have any feather shoes you want to tell us about?

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