Monday, April 30, 2012

Peacock Feathers - Not Just The Tail

Peacock feathers are really popular for a reason.

They are absolutely stunning!

 The perfect combination of colors, in beautiful patterns that create the rich and colorful image of the eye that the peacock tail feathers are so famous for. But the peacock has many other beautiful feathers that don’t get the same amount of publicity as the tail feathers.

Take a look at these three different feathers that come from the peacock, but are not the tail feather.
They each have beautiful colors and can be used for all sorts of feather crafts and fashions.

Peacock Plumage - Natural Black

Look at the awesome contrast of te black with the green in these feathers.
Also a big plus about these feathers that we have to mention is the low price. Think about how much you can do with these feathers when you can get them at such a low cost.

Peacock Black Partridge

These feathers in addition to their great color combination also have great patterns in them.

Peacock Mini Blue Wings

I am absolutely in love with the blue in these feathers. How can you not be? Just look at it!

These are just three of the beautiful feathers that you can find at

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