Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Make A Peacock Feather Skirt

Buy this hot peacock feather dress for 195 pounds or you can try and make your own skirt and add a top of your own choosing. I can’t say that it will look as good but it will cost less and maybe you can make something that will look even better.
This is a project that I would say is simple but not exactly easy. You could make a very impressive looking peacock feather skirt without being very skilled but you do need to be motivated. The reason you need to be motivated is because there is quite a bit of tedious work involved in this project. The amount of work you will need to do depends very much on the length of the skirt you are making. A mini skirt will take far less time than a full length skirt will.
What you will need.
1- A skirt
3- Needle and thread
4- Two inch strip of material to create a belt for the top of the skirt
Now let’s just say that you are making a mini skirt like the one in the picture. All you need to do is attach two rows of feathers and add the material to cover up the stems of the top row of feathers. Start with the bottom row, place the feathers vertically and let the tips of the feathers come bellow the bottom of the skirt with the feather stems facing up.
Attach the feathers
Thread the needle and hold the feather on to the place of the skirt that you would like to attach it to. Starting from the inside of the skirt, push the needle through the skirt material right next to the feather stem. Pull the thread over the feather stem and back through the skirt material. Then go through the skit material again and over the feather again. Make three or four rounds pulling the thread tight to secure the feather to the skirt. Knot both ends of the thread on the inside of the skirt.
Go all the way around the skirt attaching each feather just over lapping the feather next to it.
Remember what I said about motivation?
The second row should cover the stems of the first and so on until the skirt is covered with feathers.
Attach the last strip of material at the top to cover the feather steams at the top row and you are done.
Tell Us How It Comes Out!

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