Monday, September 12, 2011

The Summer That the Celebrities Got into the Feather Fashion

It seems that this past summer feathers found their way into the fashions of the big league. This past summer we saw a good few celebrities wearing clothing with feather prints. Some of these ladies doing the feather style were Eva Parker, Tory Burch, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie. But these were just feather prints on dresses and shirts, the summer of 2011 also saw numbers of your favorite beauties in dresses, gowns and um not much at all decked out in real feathers. Here are some of the ladies that put on the real feathers this past summer; Uma Thurman (link to article with photos), Bar Refaeli (link to article with photos), Alicia Keys (link to article with photo), Lucy Liu (link to article with photo), Kim Kardashian (link to photo), Charlize Theron (link to article with photo) and Naomi Campbell (link to photo). So we have already seen feathers make their way into hair, headbands, earrings and all other sorts of jewelry. Now I think we are about to see feathers a lot more in clothing as well because that’s just the way it is, if the stares are doing it so will everyone else. Well for all of you fashion desiners you know where you can get your wholesale feathers .

Hey and for all you guys that would like to get in on this feather fashion boom, follow this link and scroll down to see feather ties, bow ties and more.

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