Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Feather Decorations

Are you still looking for some last minute decoration ideas for this year’s Christmas holiday?
Maybe one of our Christmas feather decorations is just what you are looking for.
Here are our three posts on D.I.Y feather Christmas decorations.

First up the feather tree

What you will need
1- Green feathers
2- Thick wire that you can bend but will hold its shape
3- Green floral tape
4- Small plastic berries
5- Brown crepe paper
6- Paper glue
7- Thin wire for wrapping (about 26 gauge)
8- 3 inch wood cube with a hole drilled in the center to use as a base

Read the whole post on how It’s made

How To Make A FeatherTree

Next we have the feather wreath

Things you are going to need
1- one or two green feather boas
2- green spray paint
3- hot glue gun
4- some thick red ribbon
6- five peacock swords
7- solid wreath frame
8- loose green feathers

How To Make A Feather Wreath For The Holidays

And last these beautiful feather Christmas ornaments

I won’t even start on what you will need, you just need to see the post

Feather Christmas Ornaments

Order what you need today and you can have by the holiday! 
Monday, December 9, 2013

Feather Stocking Stuffers 2013

Hey every one, have you gotten all of your Christmas shopping done yet?  No! well no worries because I bet no one has yet. I would guess that even the people who think they got it all done already will need to pick up a thing or two before the holiday gets here.
Last year I wrote a post about feather stocking stuffers and this is just a continuation of it.
First off are these great feather headbands.

You can order them from http://www.mimiboutique.com/accessories/feather-accessories/feather-headbands or take a look at our post
Then you have the other great option of feather hair clips these are also available from mimiboutique.com.

And of course we have a post on how to make those as well.

How To Make AFeather Hair Clip – Fast, Easy & Cheap!

And last up for this year’s feather stocking stuffers, feather leg warmers.

Have a look at our two posts;

Feather LegWarmers


D.I.Y FeatherLeg Warmers

Take a look at our great ideas from 2012

FeatherStocking Stuffers 2012

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Feather Costumes

Who is the one person that on his very own represent the Christmas holiday? Of course it’s the Santa coming in from the South Pole to bring gifts to all the children of the world
So here are some ways people have used feathers to dress up as the man himself.

Honestly though, I really wanted to find a men’s Santa costume that had feathers in it but I couldn’t.

First is this adorable feather hemmed dress for little girls.

Then we have the feather Santa costumes for the big girls.

Never mind the tubby old Santa, take a look at these sizzling hot Santa outfits. I know you want to see your woman in one of these this year for Christmas.

Of course all you really need is a red dress and you can attach a white feather trim yourself.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Feathered Friend Who Gets Away

The yearly tradition of the presidential pardoning of the turkey.

“President Ford reprieves a Thanksgiving turkey presented by the National Turkey Federation. November 20, 1975. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library”

Every year before Thanksgiving the president of the United States of America pardons a turkey from being cooked for the festive holiday meal.

The greatest part of the whole story in my opinion is that the turkey that the presedent pardons isn’t just any old turkey. The turkey that gets to live to see another day is from a long line of special show turkeys that are ok with large crowds and flashing lights.

As the story goes the tradition started back when Abraham Lincoln was the president. A turkey had been brought the grounds of the white house to be prepaired for the Thanksgiving meal but the presidents ten year old son, Tad, befriended the bird and even tought it to follow him around the white house grounds and named him Jack.

When the time came to prepare the turkey for the holiday meal, Tad convinced the “executioner” to delay slaughtering the bird, so he could bring Jack’s case before the President. Tad ran and burst into one of his father’s Cabinet meetings. Crying loudly, Tad told his father that Jack was about to be killed. “Jack must not be killed; it is wicked,” Tad pleaded. President Lincoln replied, “Jack was sent here to be killed and eaten…I can’t help it.” Tad, sobbing, said, “He’s a good turkey, and I don’t want him killed.” Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States of America, paused in the midst of the Cabinet meeting. He took out a card, and on it he wrote an order of reprieve. Jack’s life was to be spared, and Tad raced out of the Cabinet meeting to present the presidential order to the executioner.*

*A footnote to the story: On Tuesday, November 8, 1864, Abraham Lincoln was elected to a second term as president. A special polling place had been set up on the White House grounds especially for soldiers who chose to vote. Jack, the turkey, actually strutted in front of some of the soldiers and cut in the voting line. Seeing this, the president looked at Tad and asked if Jack was going to vote. “He is under age,” Tad replied.
Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Hey everyone it is the week before Thanksgiving and I just wanted to share with you some amazing tablescape ideas for the holiday.
Of course if we are talking about them here they are going to be feather tablescape ideas but take a look at some of these sites and see what might work for your table.
First off this extremely simple place setting idea, it`s so simple that you can do so much with.
Just add some feathers an olive sprig and some cloves to the top plate.
 Here is a picture of how it can look.

Here is another simple way to add feathers to your tablescape, just place them next to the silverware.

This post that I found gives you the links to all the items to put together  this place setting.

Everything that is but the feathers.

The feathers used are pheasant feathers order them here.

Last is this beautiful tablescape that also puts the feathers on the backs of the chairs in addition to each of the place settings.

If you would like to add some feathers to your Thanksgiving table this holiday order them today. 
Monday, November 11, 2013

Feather Napkin Holders For Thanksgiving

If you are looking to add just a bit more life to your holiday dinner table this year, you may want to consider feather napkin holders.

There are so many kinds of feather napkin holders out there that you will be sure to find at least a second post about them.

 But here what I want to concentrate on are the feather napkin holder ideas that are more directly focused for Thanksgiving. 

First up are these beautiful feather napkin holders with burlap and earrings.
Repurposed earring burlap and feather napkin rings.

Next for a simple and fun project for the kids to help them feel more a part of the holiday preparations you can make these Indian headband napkin rings with them.

Even though the plans for this set of pilgrim and Indian napkin holders’ call for felt feathers instead of real feathers, they are so cute that I had to show them to you.

And last off I bring to you this amazing place setting with a feather napkin holder along with a feather placemat.

This place setting is just a small part of a spectacular table setting that I saw at http://chickelalas.blogspot.co.il/2011/11/thanksgiving-table-inspiration.html

I you have any other beautiful feather inspired thanksgiving ideas please share them with us.
Monday, November 4, 2013

Abbey Crouch In A Feather-lined Sequined – Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly come dancing is the British television show where celebrities pair up with professional dance partners and compete in dance contests.

They mostly compete in ballroom and Latin dancing.

If you take a look at some of these pictures on dailymail.co.uk you will see some absolutely stunning costumes for the show.

Of course the question always is, is it the costumes that are stunning or is it the ones wearing them?

 There were two pictures that I saw that I just had to share with you.

Of course the first is the model Abbey Crouch with her partner Aljaz Skorjanec, here she looks fantastic in her feather lined sequined gown.

Then there is this one which juts made me smile.

 Mark Benton with Iveta Lukosiute.

I cant say why it makes me smile but it just does. 
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vampire Costumes With Feathers

Vampires are always one of the big hits when it comes to Halloween costumes. But you probably wouldn’t think of feathers when you think of vampires and dressing up as one.

The truth is that feathers make an excellent addition to the vampire costume.

You wouldn't be wearing peacock feathers with your vampire fangs but black and red feather boas do go great with them.

Then again you could try out the peacock feathers with the fangs after all.
Take a look at this peacock feather vampire I found on Flickr.

this vampire feather collar that I found on lovechildboudoir.com is a stunning piece to give your living dead costume a bit of life.

Another great way to feather up your vampire costume is with feather eye lashes.
Take a look at these two sites that show you picture of exactly that.

Vampire feather eye lashes from elieesperbridal

Vampire feather eyelashes from Blind Mag

And then if you don’t want to be a vampire with feathers you can take this guys idea and be a vampire slayer with feathers.

Whatever it is you decide to do with your blood sucking feathered ideas post a picture or leave us a comment. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Featherstore.com Halloween Feather Costume Contest

Are you getting your feather costume ready for Halloween?

Did you make a totally amazing feather costume last year for Halloween and have some great pictures of it?

If your answer was yes to either of these two questions then you can take a shot at winning a free gift certificate, valued at $50, so you can get even more feathers.

How does it work?

Send an email to mindedmarketing@gmail.com with your name and what city you are from, at least two pictures of your feather costume and a few words about it.

Your pictures along with what you write, your name and city will be posted on featherstore.coms Facebook page.

The costume that gets the most likes by October 24th wins!

The winner gets $50 free on any one order placed from that e-mail which the pictures and information were sent from.

So come on and send us those great feather costumes that you made for your chance to WIN!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feathered Angel Costumes

Get some great ideas on what you can dress up as this Halloween.

Maybe an angel.

When people think of Halloween most of the time people think of the ghost and goblins. But what about the 
angles? You need to have some angels to help you and give you guidance also.

Dressing up as an angle for Halloween is a great idea also.

Take a look at some of these great Halloween costumes that we found and let us know what you think.

Although Ka`s angel costume that made it into Rolling Stone magazine was not for Halloween but for the Burning Man festival it is for sure the best angle costume I have seen yet.

Then of course you have the sexy angle costumes. Of you have the two distinct types. The good sexy angle will typically have white feathers and blond hair. And the bad sexy angle dark hair and dark feathers.

And then I found this guy that can’t seem to make up his mind, but who cares he is having fun.

Last for this post you have the true angle here just to save the world

Whatever angle you want to be this Halloween you are going to need a set of wings.

Take a look at this post on how to make feather wings and just have fun.

Don’t forget to leave a comment. 

Fall feather fashion 2013

Leaves falling on the ground and feathers blowing in the wind.

This fall season just before it starts to get really cold out you can add color and flare to your wardrobe with the newest in the feather fashion department.

Feathers have been shown in so many collections fall-winter 2013-2014. Invariably, this comfortable material got a lot of attention and disputation” fallwinterfashiontrends.com

 Gucci and Dries Van Noten were especially feathery when they showed off their newest styles on the runways of New York and London.

Here are some of Dries Van Notens feather clad works.

Van Noten didn’t just put the feathers on his dresses but he also added a bit of feather flare to this bag.

And here you can see that Gucci took a bit of a more gothic style to their feather out fits.

Here are two pictures from the Blonds of New York Fall 2013 collection. They called this collection “Slasher Sashay” now how great of a name is that!

Don’t forget that you can add feathers to all of your outfits using feathers from FeatherStore.com.

Simply attach any of your favorite feathers to your clothing or wrap one of our feather boas around your neck to keep out that chill that the air has this time of year.
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

D.I.Y Feather Picture Frame

My friends, it is time for a DIY!
Who doesn’t love a quick, fun, craft?

Recently, I told you all about those gorgeous feather frames. Well, now I’m going to teach you how to make your own!

These are so unique and so personal. No one else will have one like it. They are also the perfect gift.

So to start, buy a plane wood frame. You can find them cheap at dollar stores, craft stores, or pretty much anywhere else.

1.      Remove the glass and backing, then lay flat on a newspaper.
2.      Prime the frame with white paint. This will keep your layers even, and reduce the number of coats you need.
3.      PAINT! This is where you get to express your creative side. Paint it all one color, stripes, flowers, hearts… whatever you like best! If you want to try something really special, you can paint an ombre blend. To do so, paint three colors, from light to dark, with a small empty space between them. Then blend the three colors with a paintbrush. Viola!
4.      Let the frame dry
5.      When it’s dry, attach the feather of your choosing.
6.      Spray the frame with 2 coats of acrylic paint sealer. Let it dry between coats.

There it is! You’ve made your own frame! If you want to make it extra special, add glitter like this chic artist did:

If you want to spruce up an already existing frame, flip it over, and use a hot glue gun to attach your favorite kind of feathers.

This crafty mama did black on black and it came out super chic!

Go crazy! Enjoy!

Feather Picture Frames

These last few weeks I’ve been having lots of company. My kids are running in and out of the house, other parents drop by; friends come to see ma… such an exciting time!
So obviously, my house gets inspected a lot. So while looking for redecorating ideas, I found the cutest feather frames!
They’re the perfect eye catcher – and can really complete a room.
I found this feathered frame on etsy. Simple, neutral colors accented by a blue, green, and brown peacock feather really will frame your family – or beloved pet, in a classy, refined setting. Also, perfect for black and white pictures!
Check it out:

Another refined frame, found on Pomegranate, uses pheasantfeathers that are hand placed. Yes, you read that right. Someone sat and attached these delicate feathers one by one. A great addition to any room! The bronze tone and color scheme means it works especially well with a wood-floored room. Or, if you really want the frame to pop, hang it on a brightly colored wall!

Not to be outdone, Barneys jumped on the trend to! This beautiful frame, found on Laura Day, really accentuate the feathers’ summer colors. Check out that red-pink on top of the subtle green-blue. Simply gorgeous!

How are you using feathers to spruce up your home? Let us know in the comments below!